Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dinner & a Movie

Tonight we went to dinner and a movie. By we I mean the girls from work and Paul, went to eat together to Kona Grill and then to watch the movie House Bunny. To keep the morale up at my office once a month I take the girls out to do something as a group. We have really bonded as a group and this keeps them happy. It is amazing to me when you do little things for your employees how much they appreciate it and work harder because of it! The movie was funny. It did have some crude humor- but overall it was good. Dinner was great and fun as well. They are all looking forward to the next outing! I must make it fun! If you have suggestions do not hesitate to send them my way!
Well- gotta go... tomorrow is church and I really want to get a good nights sleep. I think I am getting a cold.
7 more days until the CRUISE!!!

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Elizabeth said...

Be sure to take some airborne and whatever else to keep you healthy... no need to be sick during the cruise... I got home from church camp and took some airborne because of all the going and going I dont want to get sick for the cruise either...not sure that I would watch that movie but I have an idea for you of something fun to do... well, atleast I think its fun... do a progressive dinner... and play games while you are at the different houses...if you are interested we can talk about it more on the cruise...
See you soon :-)