Monday, September 8, 2008

Audrey Caroline

I just finished reading the whole story of Audrey Caroline- If you are interested in the whole story go to my blogs Bring the Rain!.
It was an emotional blog to read through but somehow I made it through. This touched me close to home since Paul and I have had many miscarriages.
Here is a youtube video done of Audrey Caroline and a beautiful song. Listen carefully to the words.
This family has been a wonderful testimony and have reached many people through this blog!


Linda Goossen said...

I found this blog a few months ago, and I also sat and read the whole thing one night. My DH was wondering what was the matter because I was crying and crying.

Yes the Lord has used this precious lady and her family.

I didn't remember that you had also suffered miscarriages. I think your MIL must have told me, and I'm sorry I didn't remember.

You are also a special girl, and I think the Lord can use your blog too!

Love you!

Elizabeth said...

I still havent sat down to read the entire blog but I watched 4 videos of them and WOW... I am going to have to read the entire story some time...
The thing to remember is that we can rest in knowing that God is in control and that gives me GREAT peace!

rita said...

Thank you, Kathy. How did you find this blog?
I spent ALL morning reading, listening, viewing--VERY powerful story!
Karen Kingsbury wrote one of her novels around a similar theme, also beautifully done. But this was real life.