Sunday, September 14, 2008

Meet Big Red

Meet Paul's new mode of transportation. As most of you know Paul purchased a motorcycle and named her BIG RED. Since we live in Sunny Las Vegas a motorcyle works well- I just have to pray daily for his safety on the road. This decision of his to buy a motorcyle was a hard one for me since I am the WORRY WART- But I need to lean on Christ and cast all my CARES upon HIM! This is going to be a real test!
Here I am checking her out.
Here is the proud owner of Big Red. He took a 4 day class on safety and the know how's of motorcycle riding. He has been very anxious to get one. So when you all come and visit he can take you out on a ride with Big Red!
This should give you all a reason to come and visit us! Please call and make your reservation since I am sure we will be booked for some time. Please make your reservation no later than 3 weeks prior to ensure an available room. CAUTION- Bike only holds 2 people at a time. When planning keep this fact in mind.


Elizabeth said...

Has he started driving it to work? Are they still doing the carpool thing for work or is he driving himself the entire way to California?
We will pray for his safety.
Love, Lizzie

Linda Goossen said...

Oh goody, goody! A real reason for me to get my own motorcycle license!


Where is HIS helmet? And YOURS! Of course they don't do too much to prevent damage, but they make it easier to clean up!

Really, I'm sure Paul will be safe and use 'common sense' when he is driving his new bike.

Both of my brothers, who are 'much' older, in the physical sense, bought new Harley's a couple of years ago. I think my youngest brother got rid of his, because he bought himself a 'mid-life crisis' red corvette. All the young girls swoon at him at the red lights, and then leave him in the dust, because he drives like an old lady!

See what you have to look forward too? Of course, he could be like uncle Vern, who drives a 28 year old truck!

We'll give you plenty of notice for our trip!

rita said...

I think Big Red needs to meet Rhonda, the Honda Karen got for her birthday!