Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bosses Day

Look at what my amazing staff did for me today! Today being Bosses day they all chipped in and got me this edible arrangement. It is completely made of fruit dipped in chocolate! YUMMY!

I am thankful God gave me such a wonderful group! They are all very hard workers- I would not trade them for anyone else!

Every month I try to do something special for my staff!!!! October 25th is the next gathering! We will be going to a dinner mystery theatre. I am excited! Sounds like fun- Since my sister and mom will be in town that week I will be taking them as well!



Elizabeth said...

Wow that looks really good... too bad they wont last long enough for me to eat some next week when I am out there :-)
I am excited to go to the mystery dinner theatre... it sounds like alot of fun.
Can't wait to see you next Wednesday.

Kathy said...

Me too! Cannot wait! Went Christmas Shopping last night and I am almost done with everyone!
The girls at the office will be spoiled this year!...something in the lines of COACH-.... wait until you see!
See you Wednesday!