Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our Family Vacation

Our Family Cruise started with a bang- Myra and I arrived in Los Angeles on Friday night. I went to check us in to the hotel (all 3 rooms) so that when the rest of the gang arrived they could just go straight to the room- since their flight did not get in until 10:00 pm.

Upon checking in the agent says "here are the keys to your rooms, 3 rooms with 1 king size bed in each room" HORROR must have been reflected in my eyes because there is no WAY that 11 people can share 3 king size beds! He realized (I believe by my expression) that this was not going to work out and asked me if there was a problem. I very politely asked him if he could get us 2 beds per room!

His exact words were "We are completely full this night and I cannot move anyone around"

My smart remark back to him - "I guess most of us will sleep on the floor since 11 people cannot use 3 beds.

He must of felt some pity for me because he told me to hold on and the proceeded to go to a manager and then mysteriously 3 rooms with 2 beds in each became available.

RELIEF filled my soul!

The next funny part was when we entered the room the beds were full size (usually this would not bother me but sharing a full size seemed like it would not be possible- I am a plus size woman!!)

We laughed hysterically when we saw the beds and then we found a great solution to our problem. The room had a chair with an ottoman which served really well as a bed for one of us. Of course Myra was the one that took that option even though I said that I could.

Sunday we arrived at the port and did early check in to the cruise. We were one of the first on the cruise!

The first 2 days on the ship were at sea going to Puerto Vallarta- our first Port of call. We arrived to Puerto Vallarta on Wednesday- The port was right by a Wal-Mart. The Wal-Mart in Puerto Vallarta had covered parking for the vehicles (where did the US go wrong!) the weather in Puerto Vallarta was HOT and muggy. Humidity was up there. I am not used to the humidity since I live in Las Vegas so the weather was bothersome. But the views of the beach were AWESOME. Shopping in Puerto Vallarta was okay. Lots of shops where bargaining is the game. I NEVER buy anything in Mexico at the original cost. I love it that I can speak Spanish to them and get bargains!

Every night we get a towel animal on our bed along with the CARNIVAL Caper and two chocolates. The Capers let us know the daily activities of the ship.
I met a girl in the gift shop on the ship- Her name is Maria and she is from Argentina- I went to visit her every day. She was a real sweet girl. This is her first job and she is loving it. She was so happy to meet someone that spoke Spanish with her. She even gave me her e-mail address so that I could stay in communication with her.

On Wednesday night the ship has a Mexican Folklore show were there were Mariachis and Mexican Dances- Mike was chosen from the audience to dance with one of the ladies. WHAT fun.

If you are a child on a cruise you get extra bonus things- for example Rachel had this cookie waiting for her in her room one night- lucky ugh???

The nights were great on the ship- The sun is so beautiful to watch set- When in a city you miss out on so much of God's beautiful Creation!

The next port was Mazatlan- This is my favorite port of call because I get the best shopping done. The town is a fishing town- they have an open shop with many Mexican "goodies" and also lots of jewelry! I got to bargain for a new necklace and earrings. Nothing like getting a deal in MEXICO.

The last port is RESORT TOWN- Cabo San Lucas. I bargained for all of us to be able to go on a glass bottom boat excursion.

Now, when I say glass bottom I mean that according to a MEXICAN! The boat is small and in the middle it has two squares cut out of it and they put plexi glass there so that we can look at the fish. In the boat you can feel all the waves, which did not make some people very happy. Poor mom looked green after a little while. Rosalyn did not feel like the boat was secure- since it did rock back and forth a lot. However, the overall experience was good. Rachel loves animals and fish so this was fun for her as well.

The CRUISE BLUES start to set in while in Cabo San Lucas since it is the last port we visit and it signifies the end of the cruise. I remember our first cruise the cruise director says "around the 6th day everyone gets the CRUISE BLUES" Paul and I thought - how ridiculous!!! But OH HOW TRUE! It is really very true and sad. At first, people get on the ship with smiles and happiness- Day #6 you see people with less patience and less smiles. It is hard to understand until you are actually around to see it!

I had a wonderful time despite the fact that Paul was not with me. I enjoy my family and the memories we make on each cruise. We laugh together and make new friends- like Edy (from Peru) and Krisanas (from Thailand) (see picture below). We relax and rest- and then the hardest part comes- saying goodbye. For me it is the hardest since I am the one that lives across the country- Everyone else lives fairly close to each other and can see each other on a regular basis.

This Cruise was good! as most of them are! I filled my mind with many happy memories. I am definitely looking forward to our next time together!

By the way for those of you that follow my sisters blog she posted a note about me doing something as a surprise for her and mom when they come out at the end of October- I revealed to then what the SURPRISE is- we are doing a girls 4 day cruise!!!!! (I know another cruise -crazy ugh? but what can I say- they are the best way to relax and not have to do anything but enjoy yourself!)

Next year the family cruise is to ALASKA- Paul and I did one last year and ABSOLUTELY loved the cruise! If you are interested in joining us on the cruise just let me know. I will be getting pricing soon so that my family can start to budget NOW.

Closing for now- reminiscing of the MEXICAN RIVIERA!

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Mike and Elizabeth Williams said...

Kathy ~

Thanks for the great time, and inviting Myra to take Paul's place. Although, we missed Paul - Myra was a barrel of laughs.