Tuesday, November 4, 2008

3 Chicks on a Trip

Three Chicks on a Trip was the theme of our adventure together. Mom, Lizzie and I went on a 3 day cruise aboard the Carnival Paradise for a girls get away. This was the surprise I had for Lizzie and mom.
I love being with my family! Mom and Lizzie do so much for me without complaining (cleaning my house, laundry, cooking, etc...) that a trip for them is what I like to do for them. We wore the same shirts just different colors. We love matching so we found these shirts and bought them to match!
Lizzie and I matched completely! Here we are relaxing right before getting on the cruise. Mom took this picture and she was so proud of herself for working the camera properly.
The cruise went to Ensenada Mexico. We took a bus to "La Bufadora" (the blow hole). It was a 45 minute to the location. The scenes are beautiful there. So peaceful and awesome to see the beauty of God's creation. At this location they also have a giant flee market where you can shop. We did some shopping and then ate some "churros".
My favorite part of the whole trip is watching mom completely relax! She is always busy and taking care of everyone else and always putting others first that on a Cruise she is forced to RELAX and that is what is the most rewarding to me! I love to see mom just let loose LET GO! I love the memories I continue to make with Mom and Lizzie! I will treasure them forever!


Mike and Elizabeth Williams said...

Kathy ~

Looks like y'all had a great time. Thanks for 'pampering' Elizabeth - and you know that you don't have to.


Elizabeth said...

Thank you Kathy... I had a great time even if we couldnt get a table to ourselves at the restaurants.
I love you!

rita said...

Great fun. Great photos.