Sunday, November 16, 2008

Date Nights

I am so thankful for Date Nights with my husband. Paul took me to a movie and dinner last night. We watched Eagle Eye- which I might say was a good movie. Then he had made reservations at "Top of the World" This restaurant is VERY nice and it is a nice Romantic place for couples. They even came around and took our picture! We had a wonderful quiet relaxing dinner.

THANK YOU GOD for the ability to have Date nights and for a wonderful husband.


Linda Goossen said...

Date nights? I think I remember date nights! LOL!

Glad you had fun. We went on an all-day date yesterday, but my sister came too. In fact, she drove! LOL again!

I am thankful for so many things too. I'm enjoying your blog this week!

Elizabeth said...

Date nights are awesome!
Hey is that the shirt that we all bought to wear on the cruise? I like it, it looks great on you.
Love, Lizzie