Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and then some...

Well- Thanksgiving was AWESOME! The weather in Atlanta is really nice. A little cold for me but overall everyone is enjoying the weather. It has been a blessing spending these days with family. I sometimes wish I lived closer to the family to enjoy days like these. We also did early Christmas so that we could all exchange gifts. We drew names this year and only bought for one person. Paul got my mothers name and I got Michael's name. Paul got mom a bread maker and I got Michael Pibes- (a cologne from Argentina) and a gift card since he wants to buy himself a new camera.
Today we celebrated early for Paul's birthday since the family will not be with us on the actual day. His birthday is December 2nd. We got an ice cream cake and sang to him tonight at dinner.
Also, this afternoon, my mom and sister and I went to Fashion Bug- They were having a great sale- 60% off all regular priced items and 20% off all marked down items. I found some deals and bought my aunt clothes- I figured I could bless her with some new clothes.
Well- gotta run since we are going to watch Get Smart with my aunt!
Tomorrow we head for home.... Sad to go... but all things sometimes do have to come to an end!


rita said...

So, today you are on the road, or rather 'in the air'! Sounds like you had a wonderful family time.
Feliz cumple, Paul!

Elizabeth said...

Kathy... thanks for everything... you are always so kind to everyone! Always trying to bless others... I really admire that of you.
We had a great time and were sad to see it end but I guess being apart keeps us more thankful for the times we can get together.
I have you on the calendar for April... looking forward to that road trip with you and Mom... Maybe Aunt Judy will be able to come with us :-)
Love you... and be sure to let us know you got home safely.
Love, Lizzie