Wednesday, December 31, 2008


As 2008 fades away and 2009 lights up- it is time to remember all the GOOD things God has done for us!
  • Health- aside from common colds and flus- Paul and I have overall been healthy!
  • Education- Paul has been able to start college back up and I have completed my CIC (certified insurance counselor).
  • Celebrated 10 years of marriage. In a world where commitment means nothing to people I am thankful to have a godly husband who shares my views on marriage and commitment.
  • Stable jobs. In this economy where people keep loosing their jobs I am very thankful that Paul and I have good stable jobs.
  • One more pregnancy free year! (I know that this sounds morbid- but we pray daily that if I do get pregnant that I carry full term- when someone has as many miscarriages as we have had - we pray for no pregnancy rather than loosing another one!)
  • Ability to travel- we went to Argentina, Kansas, Atlanta, Cruise to Mexico, California and Indiana.
  • My mother was able to be out here almost every month. This has been a HUGE blessing to me!

My prayer for 2009 is that I grow more in Christ! That my relationship with HIM continue to grow.

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Elizabeth said...

God has been good to us ... hasnt he? I know my desire this next year is to focus on prayer more. That of course will also help alot with my personal relationship with God.