Saturday, December 13, 2008

Petticoat Ranch

Today I finished reading "Petticoat Ranch" by Mary Connealy. It was an awesome book. I am going to add Mary Connealy on my must read authors! I have to start reading my book for book club but as soon as that one is done I want to continue reading the remainder of the books to this series. The only thing is that the last one does not come out until February 2009. I have already pre-ordered it from Amazon so I will get it as soon as it is released!
Today I relaxed most of the day. I have to wrap some Christmas gifts-but that can wait! I got some excellent deals yesterday at Marshalls. I got Pastor Mario and Gabby some gifts for Christmas since they are spending the day with us.

Tomorrow is a big day between church and then we are meeting some friends for dinner so I really wanted to rest today and get caught up on doing NOTHING- I know that sounds lazy- but working 5 12 hour days makes me want to rest on Saturdays.

Well.... gotta go... I need to start getting ready for bed!

TA TA for now!


Linda Goossen said...

Well, shucks, I want to rest on Saturday's too, and I don't even have a 'monetarily reimbursed' job! Sounds like you are keeping busy!

Love ya!

Linda Goossen said...

I forgot to tell you what I did on Saturday, and didn't get to rest!

We had our Ladies' Ornament Exchange with our Secret Prayer Sister. We went to lunch at a restaurant that always decorates for Christmas, so it is quite festive.

We all go through he buffet, have a little 'devotional', and reveal who we had as our Prayer Sister for the year. It is always fun to see if you can guess. (Mine didn't know, and she did have some clues during the year.)

I guess I was in charge. I read the story of 'O Holy Night', and then played Il Divo's rendition of it. So pretty!

Elizabeth said...

I finished reading Forevermore this past week... another great book by Cathy Marie Hake. Maybe I will borrow this Petticoat Ranch book and see if I like the author too.... by the way - you never told me which library stamps you like for the inside of your books. Let me know so I can get them.