Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Secret Santa

This week is secret Santa week and my Santa has been doing a very good job.
Monday I got a $5.00 gift card to Coffee Bean, Tuesday I got a $5.00 gift card to Subway and today I got a book light- My secret Santa knows me well- I love coffee and subway- and at nights I like to read but the light bothers Paul so the book light will work REALLY well.
I am anxious to see what my Santa does the next to days. I am not totally sure who has me- It is between Roger, Eydie and Tanya- Whoever it is they are doing a GREAT job.

I have Vince- his sheet of ideas was not very helpful- he put GOLF for everything- so I have been giving him Golf everything. On Monday I got him a golf ball embosser- it puts initials on the golf balls, Tuesday I got him a water globe that has a tee and a golf ball in it- the point of it is to get the ball on top of the tee in the globe- it is quite challenging! Today I got him a golf cooler- it holds 12 cans and golf balls, tees, and a towel. Tomorrow he gets a golf decision maker- It is a golf ball that spins and when it stops that is the answer to the question you may have- it has 10 different spots the ball can stop at. Then on Friday he gets a water bottle with a towel and tees and golf balls in it. Hopefully he will like the gifts I chose. So far he has liked them.

I cannot believe that it is 8 days until Christmas. Where has this year gone? Time is flying.... and not stopping for anything!

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Elizabeth said...

My guess would be that Tanya has you... and I guess Vince would never read your blog or else you wouldnt have told us everything!
Coffee and Subway... those are great gifts!!!