Saturday, December 27, 2008


Today Paul and I went to watch the movie Valkyrie. It was a good movie. What struck me as bizarre is how the audience reacted. Everyone seemed sad in the end. I guess since I knew how Hitler committed suicide I did not expect him to die in the movie. It was the first movie I have gone to where while leaving there was silence. Paul also commented on the fact that everyone seemed sad. People never cease to amaze me.
We ate dinner at RE Tapas. It is a great restaurant. The food is Spanish (from Spain). My favorite is stuffed dates. They are so yummy. Also we tried a new dish today... grilled goat cheese. It was really good...
The day was a good one. I did some laundry and some organizing. Paul helped me clean the restroom which was a big PLUS. I am in the process of planning the food for New Years Eve since I have to take food to Brandee's house. We are going there to spend the evening with them Instead of trying to drive home after the night is over we are going to stay the night so we avoid the CRAZY drunk drivers. Looking forward to The Lord's day tomorrow... Gotta go... Chau for now!

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Elizabeth said...

Don't think that is my kind of movie so I probably wont be watching it. Mike and I tried to go see one of the Christmas movies out in the theater but we just couldnt get our schedule to work around the times... oh well...
As of right now we dont have plans for New Years Eve so we'll see what we end up doing.
Well gotta get ready for church tonight.
Love, Lizzie