Thursday, January 8, 2009

#5 Lasagna

Today I made lunch for the office. My goal is to keep the morale up with them since things have been really rough the past few days. It is funny how food makes people happy. We had a good lunch of lasagna, salad and garlic bread. I am so thankful for the employees that I have. They are a GREAT bunch of workers. They never grumble when they are given more and more work to do.
It has been tough lately- I had to let an employee go to deal with the economy- which in doing so causes the load of everyone else to grow. I have been so stressed out that I have fever blisters on my lower lip. It looks like I have fat lips. I must make this short since I have a pile of work sitting next to me and they need to get done by tomorrow.
Have a good night my blog friends!


Elizabeth said...

You are a great boss and I hope everyone their realizes how good they have it. I was talking to someone the other day and the comment that was made is that the boss you have makes a big difference on how you like your job. I have to totally agree... I did a job I didn't really like for over a year because I had an excellent manager.
So anyway, I hope they all realize how great you are!

Kim said...

Oh Kathy, sorry about the fever blisters. I used to have a terrible time with them. Then a pharmacist told me to take Lysine at the first tingle (I'd always get a tingly feeling in my lips when I was getting a fever blister). Anyway, you can find Lysine in with the Vitamin C and other things at any store. It's something your body naturally produces, but sometimes not sufficiently, hence the blisters. When I'd feel one coming on, I'd pop 6-8 Lysine and almost always it headed off the outbreak. Sometimes I'd follow up with a few more a couple hours later, just to be on the safe side. And even if a blister still popped up, it was smaller than if I hadn't taken Lysine at all. And it didn't last as long either. Hope this helps!