Sunday, January 11, 2009

#8 Calvary Chapel

This is a picture of our church. I cheated with the picture today. I took one but there were so many cars in front of church that I preferred this view. Today we went to church and then after that we had plans with friends of ours for lunch. We had steaks on the grill with salad and french bread. Then we had some time of fellowship and games. We had a blast. It was an excellent day to just plain RELAX- I am actually in such a relax mode that the thought of going back to work tomorrow ruins it somewhat! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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Kim said...

We have a friend who's the mission pastor at a Calvary Chapel in Modesto CA. I think that was the first C.C. Anyway, I guess I didn't realize you went to one! Several Calvary Chapels in California and Alaska support the ministry we were involved in in Uganda. And they send teams over every year to help with specific projects and needs.