Monday, January 26, 2009

A break!

These pictures depict the break Paul and I had all weekend. It was a full weekend but a fresh change.
First of all Saturday morning we went to LouAnne Stewarts home to visit with her and also the dog "poppie". Remember the Christmas present I got from our friends? Well, here she is- Her name is Poppie and she has grown so much. She is a character! She hops like a rabbit. It is quite comical. Then Paul and I got our hair cut. It is great to have someone you know cut your hair- I was so overdue on a hair cut- I got highlights done and then a cut. She also waxes me so I got my eyebrows waxed. After that I got to play with her daughter Annabella- She just turned 2 years old. Since her sister Olivia was born she has made a dramatic change. She is more independent and not as "needy" as she was before. She is so friendly and very obedient. I just love being around kids like that! They invited us to stay for dinner. We played some games and enjoyed some good food and fun!
Sunday we picked Paul's Aunt Betty Hines from the airport to spend the day with her. It was great getting to know her. This is the first time I got to meet her. We took her to Hoover Dam. It was very sad for me to see how low the lake is. From the dam we went to my favorite Casino- The Bellagio. They have the conservatory all in the theme of Chinese New Year. It is always so pretty. I was fascinated with the pandas made out of plants. The next adventure was the fountains at Bellagio. As the fountains started there was a rainbow and it was so pretty. From there we went to Madam Toussauds Wax Museum. We enjoyed seeing all the stars and taking pictures of them. Paul posed next to Andre Aggassi- he is our local celebrity since he has a house in Las Vegas. Then Aunt Betty posed really well with Cameron Diaz.
After going, going and going we took Aunt Betty to Samba Grill for dinner. This is a Brazilian restaurant where they serve all you can eat meat.
We took Aunt Betty to her hotel and we were amazed of the room she was given. The view was fabulous!
All this to say- we had a overdue rest. It has been rough lately with work and our schedules and I appreciate all your prayers my blogger prayer warriors.


Elizabeth said...

Wow.... first of all I havent seen Annabella in so long... she looks just like LouAnne...
I got my bangs cut by a friend last night... I needed it too... those pandas are amazing... but they always do amazing work at the Belagio...the rainbow is too cool... it actually looks like it was part of the water show :-)
Glad you had a much deserved rest.

Kim said...

Glad you had a nice break! God is good to send them when we need them :-)

rita said...

Glad you got a break!
Suppose your back at it, but refreshed/revived/renewed.
Bring it on, life!