Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Long Overdue

Good day my blogger friends- This is a long overdue update on the life of Vegas Girl! Our life has been very hectic the past week and I did not want my friend to think I have forgotten you- because in reality I have not! As a matter of fact- I pray for many of you daily!

So- you are probably wondering what has been going on to keep us so busy???? Well- let me start!

My sister Elizabeth came to visit us for a week. I was able to take a few days off to spend some time with her- some really fun and exhausting time.

Elizabeth arrived on Sunday night. Monday we spent out and about with Trinity- ( a friend of mine had to work so we watched her daughter) We got pedicures while she got a manicure. It was really cute to watch her sit there still while they massaged her hands, filed her nails and painted her nails. She picked this NEON green color- WOW- she practically glowed in the dark.

Then we took her CICI'S pizza for lunch! That was YUMMY.

Then did some shopping around different stores- just trying to stay away from home since Paul was doing homework and working on a big school project- and he definitely did not need the distractions of 3 ladies!

After we were done watching Trinity Elizabeth and I went to dinner and a movie. We went to an awful Mexican restaurant (new to me) and to watch a movie that we both thought would be cute but ended up being a waste of time! (she is just not that into you)

Tuesday was an exhausting day! We started our morning off rushed- We ran Paul to his stop for the car pool and realized we missed the car pool so we ended up making the trip to California to drop him off. The remainder of that day is somewhat a blurr to me-

Wednesday we had a major workout! We woke up at 5:00 am- ran Paul to his stop (made it this time Praise the Lord for this) by 10:00 am we were at Pastor Mario and Gabby's home ready to help them with the donations that they receive monthly. The truck arrived FULL of goodies. It is amazing how God blesses them with these things. We helped unload the truck, then sort the items since they come in a mess- nothing is sorted it is just boxed and given. Once we had everything sorted we started making bags for the church members- we were responsible for the toilet paper and paper towels. Each bag got 6 rolls of toilet paper and 2 rolls of paper towels. After we prepared approximately 50 bags we then got the lovely task of sorting the diapers by size. We worked hard and were sore the next day! It is a blessing that God blesses the church with these donations. We even got to take some home goodies ourselves!

Thursday was back to work for me- I had piles of work to do.

Friday work again and then dinner and a movie with Elizabeth. We went with a dear friend of mine. It was supposed to be a girls night out but Paul really wanted to join us. (I think he thought he might miss out on something) We ate at RE tapas which is a favorite of mine and then we watched confessions of a shopaholic. It was a cute movie.

Saturday I took Elizabeth to get her hair cut and styled- since we were going to a show (I got an awesome deal for 3 tickets). The show we went to was O by Cirque de Soleil. Really good show.
Saturday was our last hectic day-

Sunday was an actual day of rest for all of us.

Monday morning Elizabeth left me to go back home- I was sad to see her go but I know that Mike was anxiously waiting for her.

That about wraps up my long week. I know that practically a whole week has gone by but it has been busy and uneventful- just the regular rat race-

Signing off for now... I need to post many pictures but will call it a night for now.

I am actually having some blog withdrawal! HA- never thought I would say that!


Linda Goossen said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I need to blog about our weekend in Omaha too. Maybe later!

Elizabeth said...

I havent blogged in a while too... it is amazing all the stuff we got done together... thanks for everything... I am so looking forward to another great week with you next month. This time I will bring my laptop and try and stay connected with my blog...