Friday, July 10, 2009

9 days/ 216 hours/ 12,960 minutes

Only 9 days or 216 hours or 12,960 minutes until Veronica Escalante comes to visit. Paul and I are SOOOOO excited for her visit! I am taking a week off to spend some time with her since she is making the long trip from Argentina.
I have already started making plans of what we will do while she is out here.
We are going to get our hair cut, going camping, getting pedicures, getting massages, going to SeaWorld, and..... not sure what else. We are looking forward to her visit.

Bonus.... my sister and niece are coming out on July 28th for a week to visit also. Rachel met Veronica last year when she came to visit- so we thought it would be nice to have her come out and spend some time with us as well.


Linda said...

Sounds like you have a fun time planned!

Elizabeth said...

looking forward to seeing you and meeting Veronica... I am so glad you have the week off...can't wait to see you :-) Love Ya!

Mike and Elizabeth Williams said...

less than 17 days until I drop off Elizabeth at the MARTA station.