Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 1

I am planning on journaling the visit that we have with Veronica! I don't want to forget the details and I find the best way is to journal the time.
We picked Veronica up on Sunday morning at 10:00. She arrived safe- and bundled up. I brought her a shirt to change into since she came from the cold and I knew that the 114 degree weather would be unbearable with the long sleeve shirt and jacket she came with. We greeted her with a Starbucks latte- her favorite "American drink"- As soon as we stepped outside she because FULLY aware of the Vegas Summer- It was a suffocating heat. We teased her since she kept telling us prior to her visit that she could not wait for warmer weather- She did no expect the heat that greeted her.
We went home to get refreshed- and then off we went... We had lunch at Fados (an Irish Restaurant) so that Veronica could try something different.
After that we drove all around Vegas, first to Liborio to get some groceries- we got some fabulous deals. A whole watermelon for $1.70, then 4 grapefruit for $.99, 6 lbs of nectarines for $.99. WHAT A BARGAIN!
We called it a night early since we were all exhausted.


Elizabeth said...

glad she got there safely... looking forward to be out there with you all next week :-)

rita said...

I will be glad to read about a visit from una argentina!
Photos, too, please!