Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 3

Veronica spent the day at home resting and getting used to the time change. I think the jet lag finally hit her. When we got home she had dinner almost all done. She just needed Paul to grill the steaks. We enjoyed the evening eating, talking, laughing-
Paul was officially on vacation so he was plotting and planning what he and Veronica were going to get into! He wants to play tennis, take the canoe to the lake, play soccer... he wants to keep her real busy in the 115 degree weather!
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Anonymous said...

Roz-Please tell Veronica Hello for me and that Rachel wants to help her cook like last time. Send me lots and lots of pictures!!!!

Sharon said...

Make sure Veronica wears a life jacket before Paul takes her out in the canoe. Remember what happened to you last time!
What part of Argentina is Veronica from?

Anonymous said...

Roz- Rachel says she wants to teach Veronica how to make Mac and cheese and pigs-in-a-blanket which Rachel calls beenie weenies(thanks to Aunt Amy)

rita said...

Same question as Sharon + How did you all meet?

Kathy said...

Veronica is from Buenos Aires- She and Paul have known each other since childhood.