Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today I brought 4 boxes from home that need shipped to my mom and sister. 2 are for mom and 2 for Lizzie. I have one box completely of my mom's clothes that she had at my house for when she visited. She does not come out as much as she used to so I thought she should probably enjoy using her clothes! (besides I need the room at my house) the other box for my mom is goodies that I got from Pastor Mario and Gabriela- that they got from the donation center. She is getting a box of variety! Lizzie is getting 2 boxes of just goodies from the donation center.

Now the big question is- which method will be the most effective- UPS or USPS?
I have shipped several boxes from my office and for some "odd" reason 2 of the boxes never made it to my sister- which is why I want to make sure that I use the most effective method. I can ship UPS and they give me a tracking number or I can physically take the boxes to USPS and pay for delivery confirmation so that I am tracking it as well.

Tomorrow at the office we are grilling steaks on the portable grill that we have at the office.
Last month was a good month for me with my commissions so I like to take care of the girls for helping me have a good month- so- I will be making lunch for them. Steaks on the grill with baked potatoes, salad and french bread.

I will have to remember to take pictures so you all can see the outcome!


Andrew said...

I have shipped and recieved from both carriers. UPS will give you a tracking number and you can track it daily and see where it is. USPS will give you a tracking number which is NEVER updated until after delivery. If you ship by USPS, forget about tracking and knowing where the package is. It will only comfirm delivery - very exasperating.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the goodies! I will be sure to let you know when I get the boxes!

Love ya!

rita said...

Off the subject, just noticed in your list of books, the one I am currently listening to--Bittersweet. Great!