Thursday, August 6, 2009

Remainder of the visit

Well, all of my house guests are gone! We had an interesting few days- full of fun and excitement. Rachel and Lizzie arrived and it felt like we were non-stop the whole time they were here.
Wednesday of last week we went over to Pastor Mario and Gabby to help with the donations. They were blessed with many donations this time. God has been good to them and supplying all their needs. It is a great testimony to me on the power of God! We helped sort, organize and make bags for the church members.
Thursday we had a fabulous "girls day". We went to get pedicures and Rachel even got a manicure. We truly enjoyed ourselves this day.
Friday- I had mediation to attend- which took a whole lot longer than anticipated. I drove to Pahrump, NV and spent 6 hours there with no resolution at all. The attorney was quite upset that NO resolution was accomplished. After mediation, I raced home (it took me 45 min to get home) and packed up for our trip to San Diego. We picked Paul up at work and started our California adventure.
Saturday we spent the day at Sea World. It was so much fun- Best of all was watching Rachel and her reaction to certain shows and animals. We spent all day there until 7:30 p.m.- when we decided that we had enough. We were tired, crispy (we all got burned except for Rachel who we made sure we sprayed down 3 times throughout the day) and hungry.
We got to the hotel- We laid down and all of us had a laughing fit- I think mainly because we were exhausted. We slept really well that night from pure exhaustion!
Sunday was a long day of traveling- and once we got to Las Vegas we went to Bellagio to see the dancing waters.
Monday Lizzie and Rachel started packing for their return to Atlanta. We relaxed that evening since we were all pretty tired from the long weekend.
Tuesday- Lizzie and Rachel left. It was hard to let them go- but I totally understand their need to be home with their families.
Wednesday we said goodbye to Veronica.
Last night we came home to a quiet home- all alone again! For the first time in 3 weeks we went to bed early-
What a Great time we had with everyone! Missing everyone already.
I will post pictures of our adventures later tonight at home.


Elizabeth said...

I just want to thank you again for everything! Love you!

Mike and Elizabeth Williams said...

Paul and Kathy,

THANK YOU very much for all that you do with Elizabeth. We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and giving attitude (no matter what it is).