Monday, August 10, 2009

Rest on the LORD

Today, I have had to remind myself that I need to REST ON THE LORD in everything. Have you ever felt like everything is going just right-walk with God is good- things are good- job is good- relationships are good- and then all of a sudden a wrench is thrown into the mix-then you feel like the supposed solid ground you were on is NO LONGER SOLID but shaky? Well, I am having one of those days. I think we are approaching a time of change in our lives. Paul's job has been shaky the past few months. Today, after months of praying and talking about it we decided that it was time for Paul to find a new job. Not that he does not enjoy his job- because he truly has enjoyed the years he has been with them- There are some decisions that the company has been making that have made Paul feel unsteady- A few months ago they laid off his entire department. Paul thankfully was not one of the ones laid off- but there are signs once again that another lay off is coming. This is not sitting well with either one of us. We have finally come to a point where we rather have a PLAN B- and through prayer- God has given us peace about a job change. Sometimes for some people change is very scary.
So- Please pray with us these next few weeks we will need to see what and where the Lord leads us. It is so important that we follow God's leading and NOT our wants. We truly don't want to do something that is out of God's will- since there is ALWAYS consequences to not following God.


Elizabeth said...

I'll be praying... and you know what I will be asking God... I would love you living closer to me.

Love you!

Mike and Elizabeth Williams said...

Paul and Kathy, yes of course we will pray for the Lord's direction in your lives.


Lhoyt said...

Just catching up on reading blogs. I know exactly how you are feeling.