Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Silk or Linen-

Twelve years ago....
  • There was a HUGE change in my life- one I will never regret!
  • I shocked many people- but I think most are pleased with the end result.
  • My formal name changed.
  • I officially moved out for good from my parents home.
  • I started a NEW role for my life.
  • I took on more responsibility.
  • I got an AWESOME roommate for life.

Any idea what I am remembering? I married my best friend.

While researching what gift to get Paul for our anniversary this is what I found:

Traditional gifts to give for a 12 year anniversary:
Silk and Linen

Modern gifts to give for a 12 year anniversary:
Silk and Linen

Alternate Modern gift to give for a 12 year anniversary:

Ideas given for Silk or Linen:
Fresh linen sheets
Delicate scarves
Tablecloths and towels
Silk cushions
Silk ties
Silk flowers
Silk lingerie and men's boxers
His and her bathrobes
Linen clothing
Visit the Silk Road

Ideas given for Pearls:
Pearl jewelry


Anonymous said...

I love you very much!

Elizabeth said...

So how does the iPad fit into the silk and linen? :-) Just Kidding... Hope Paul is enjoying his iPad... How was the dinner you made? I am sure Paul enjoyed it very much!

Looking forward to seeing you in two weeks!
Love ya, Lizzie

PS Happy Anniversary!