Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Several friends and family members have asked me for updates and I decided that instead of calling- I would update you all on my blog.
It has been an exhausting day. I have never been on the phone so much in my life. My sister asked me this morning to call and tell everyone about Mike and I did my best- through the tears. Meanwhile, I would randomly call Lizzie to check on her. My heart is hurting SOOO much for her.
I wrapped up everything at work (well most everything) and I am flying out tomorrow to be with her and the rest of the family. I am SO thankful that Philip and Michael were able to get off of work and take mom to Lizzie. For those of you that don't know us very well- we are a VERY close family so when something happens we are there for each other.
Paul will be flying out on Thursday night. The funeral is on Saturday in Georgia.
Paul and I will be in Georgia until Monday. We then return to Las Vegas.
I have spent the day also pondering LIFE in general. No one knows when their time will come- which means that while we are on earth we need to make the time here count for something. How often we fill our lives with such nonsense when we should spend the time for the Lord.
Thank you all for your prayers. Rough days are ahead of us and I covet your prayers.


johngoossen said...

We are praying for Elizabeth, you, and your family.
We love you.

rita said...

Couldn't sleep much, thinking about Lizzie...So glad you can all be with her soon.

Linda said...

We are praying. May the Lord bless you and give your safety today, then for Paul when he goes.

Love you guys!

Lhoyt said...

I'm so glad you can come out. Our company's policy made it easy for me to get Friday and Saturday off, so I did the paperwork and will be there by early afternoon Friday, travelling with Roz and Rachel. It will be so good to all be together, and be able to praise our Lord for His mercy and grace.

I Love you,