Monday, June 13, 2011

Day One

Day one without my beloved Sister at work with me.
We had a fabulous weekend. Lizzie is now house sitting for a church family that is on vacation for 3 weeks. We spent Saturday at their house- they have a pool and a hot tub so we are enjoying the amenities. Paul and I will be with Lizzie on the weekend- so we can take her to church and have some fun in the sun with her.
Today starts the first day without Lizzie. I am going to rearrange my workload and schedule to make sure I do her job and mine.
I covet your prayers this week as I work on the adjustment of Lizzie not being here.
This week is our anniversary week. Tomorrow and Wednesday night we are staying at the VDARA to celebrate our anniversary. Priceline is AWESOME. I was able to get the room for $40 a night.
Well- gotta run.. Just wanted to give a small update.
Thanks again for your prayers.


Lhoyt said...

What and where is the VDARA? BTW, Happy Anniversary. And we're praying for you as you go back to not having a receptionist. I'm sure that will make it quite hectic for you.

Elizabeth said...

I was glad to hear your first day without me went well... hope you guys have a fabulous time at the Vdara... Happy Anniversary and look forward to seeing you and Paul this weekend...

Love you both!