Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Days 21-27

Day 21- Thankful for my job- I was a little grumpy that I had to work a full day (while all our insurance companies closed early) but I reminded myself that I have a job and should be thankful of that.
Day 22- Thankful for Friends to spend Thanksgiving with.  I feared I we were going to be alone for Thanksgiving this year - instead we had 11 people in our house!
Day 23- Thankful that I did not desire "things" on Black Friday and was able to sleep in.
Day 24- Thankful for a husband that brought me breakfast in bed- but I quickly realized that breakfast in bed alone is NO Fun... I ate quickly and ran downstairs with Paul.
Day 25- Thankful for caring parents at church who did not bring their sick little ones to church.  This makes me VERY happy since I tend to catch whatever they have when I am around them while they are sick.
Day 26- Thankful for a great Weight Watchers meeting.  Gotta get back in the swing of tracking what I eat.
Day 27- Thankful for a clean car.  Got the car washed and detailed today.

1 comment:

Lhoyt said...

Even on your days off you get a lot done!
So glad you were able to have guests for Thanksgiving. It takes some of the edge off of separation from the extended family..