Saturday, January 31, 2015

Giveaway #4

Have you ever heard of Lilla Rose?  Well- let me introduce you to Lilla Rose.  This is a direct sales company that sells hair accessories. 

Have you ever worn one of these?

Up until about 2 years ago these are the clips that lived in my hair.  You know what I did not like about them?  The fact that after a while my head would hurt from the pressure of using the claw.  I also eventually would break them having to spend more money to buy another one.  And look at it... BORING.  Nothing special to it, just a plain hair accessory. 

Then, my sister Lizzie introduced me to Lilla Rose flexi clips- I tried them and found that I did not get a headache from them, they were durable and had some artistic flair to them.  I tried the bobby pins as well and totally fell in love with them. The bobbies are some really strong bobby pins.  They hold very securely.  The clips come in many sizes. 

Here is a picture of a flexi clip in my hair.

This Flexi Clip was a very popular clip.  I use this one quite often.  It goes very well with most of my outfits.
Below are some other pictures of flexi clips and their uses.

All this to say.... the giveaway today is going to be this lovely trio.   I chose 2 sets of bobbies since I love them so much and the flexi clip is an extra small clip.  I chose the extra small Flexi clip so you can also use it on a scarf!

If you are interested in checking out all the styles go here and look at my sisters website.  These Flexi Clips make excellent gift to yourself or others. 

My sister uses the profit from these sales to help support missions.  She has been able to go on several missions trips to New Mexico to  help the Navajo Widows and Orphans.  She also supports monthly a family that is in training right now to go to Africa as medical missionaries.

Help Lizzie Support missions by checking out her website here and also like her page on facebook here.

I have a special also for NEW customers to Lilla Rose. If you  go to Lizzies site and sign up as a customer and buy 3 flexi clips she will send you a coupon to receive 1 flexi clip for free. (rules: value is up to $16; must be 18 years or older; one per household and ships only in the US) 

Check out this AWESOME deal.

Now... on to the giveaway-  To enter in to this giveaway comment on what kind of clips you use in your hair.  Also comment whether or not you have heard of Lilla Rose before.

Comments must be made by February 3, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. PST. when winners will be announced.

Let the comments begin....


Linda said...

I love the clips. I don't have any myself, but I gave a lot of them for gifts! Love you, girls!

mlhummy said...

I'm a big fan of flexi clips! I have several different sizes and styles. I've also given them as gifts to my daughters and sister.