Thursday, February 19, 2015

Valentines Day Weekend

Paul took me to California for the Valentines Weekend.  We both had Monday off for Presidents day so we took advantage of the long weekend and had a mini trip.
We arrived on Friday evening and our first stop was for dinner at Chick Fil-A.  We do not have one in Las Vegas so going to California where there are Chick Fil-A is a real treat. 
We stayed at the Hyatt in Ontario which is right by a mall. 
Valentines day was full of adventure!  We slept in- which is an extra special treat.  We had a wonderful breakfast and then decided to make it a lazy kind of day and just window shop all day.  We went to Joann Fabrics, Bed Bath and Beyond,  Sports Authority, a bicycle shop and Marshalls.  We managed to spend NOTHING... which is really good for us.  We always seem to buy something but not this time.  By then I was tired- we had walked quite a bit and I just wanted something to drink and to rest a little.  We went back to the room and watched the movie Blade Runners.  It was pretty interesting- a little on the Bizarre side.  By then we were getting hungry since we did not eat anything since Breakfast.  Knowing that Valentines dinner is one of those that the nice restaurants ALWAYS get busy and probably need a reservation we decided to be low key and eat once more at Chick Fil-A.  Would you believe that it was very busy.  I was really surprised.  I did not expect a fast food restaurant to be busy. 
We sat down to eat and right  in the middle of our "romantic" fast food dinner a child comes running in from the play zone and proceeds to empty the contents of his stomach right in front of us.   Talk about putting a squash on our "romantic" dinner!  We both got up and proceeded to move outside to the outside sitting area where there was a young couple (I'd say 15 or 16) being VERY inappropriate with each other.  Paul walks right up to them and says "we are coming out here to sit and be your chaperone"  I had to chuckle because they behaved the whole time we were there!
Sunday we took a 45 minute drive to a little argentine market to get some breakfast pastries and some supplies of goodies that we need for our house.  (like some yerba mate and crackers)  We ate some delicious facturas filled with dulce de leche.  I like this market because they are 30-40% cheaper than our argentine market in Las Vegas.  We try to stock up on items when we are in California so we do not have to in Las Vegas.  The remainder of the day was lazy again- super relaxed and just did whatever we wanted, when we wanted with no time pressures. For dinner we decided we wanted to use some gift cards that we had for Outback and there is one right by the hotel.  We got there and the wait was 2 hours!!! 2 hours can you believe it??  Neither one of us wanted to wait that long so we went to the Japanese Steak house that was right next door.  Paul and I sat at a teppanyaki table with another 4 people.  It was very yummy- but sad all at the same time.  The other 2 couples were drinking one beer after another.  The ladies had at least 6 each and the men had more than that- what made it sad to me is that the one couple had their two little children with them and there was not a single person that did not drink to be able to drive them home.  It bothered me all night.  Paul and I both could not believe how irresponsible they were.
Well, the weekend was fabulous with little bumps in the road but those bumps is what keeps the life of the Goossen's really exciting.

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Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

I am so glad you two were able to get away and enjoy some relaxing time alone!

Love you!