Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today I woke up thinking of the memories that I have made throughout the years. I especially remember our "family" cruises. These times are great for me. I like the fact that Mom can truly relax with regards to cooking and keeping the place up! Once again one of those cruises are near the horizon! I cannot wait- I want the time we will have with the family more than ever. As I grow older I seem to feel the need to have my family near me and since I live in Las Vegas and they are across the country in Atlanta I do not see that happening so I truly look forward to our family gatherings. Just a little over 1 month until the next cruise!!!!!

This picture is one we had taken on a cruise! Can you tell who looks like they have had fun? (Paul is a little sunburned- can you tell?)

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Elizabeth said...

I can't wait for the cruise... I enjoy the family time that we get on the cruises we have gone on...looking forward to seeing you next month :-) and praying that your plans will work out to still come for Thanksgiving... what can I say, I am selfish :-)
Love you,