Thursday, August 21, 2008

Truly Exhausted!!!!!

On days like these I remind myself the strength I have does not come from myself but only through Christ.
I have an awesome assistant who without her I would not survive. She is very much a key to my success at Landini & Associates. So- when she is not in I am more than overwhelmed. Ana is off of work for the next 7 days. She is staying home with her two small children who just came back from being gone for 3 months. She deserves this time off so I am not upset with her- however I miss her when she is gone. Next week is her birthday so we celebrated her birthday yesterday at the office. Then afterward Paul and I took her to dinner and to Marshalls. She had a blast. Her children came home last night at 11:00 p.m. so we kept her busy for a few hours. We went through all the sale items and found her 16 items for $32.00 What a bargain! She had a wonderful time and was like a child at a candy store.
She has grown so much these past few months. She is so sensitive to what the Lord has to teach her.
Next week will be crazy. I will be working all week and then on Friday flying to Denver Colorado. We will stay in Denver on Friday night and meet with Uncle Aldo and Aunt Alice on Saturday morning for breakfast then from there we drive to Colby Kansas to the Goossen reunion. Then we will be staying there until Monday afternoon and then back to Las Vegas. This time will not be such a fast trip. At least we will have 2 complete days there!
Well- for now I will go. Have work to do!


Elizabeth said...

I didnt realize there was a Gosseen reunion coming up... and you get to see Unlce Aldo and Aunt Alice... that will be nice...
Just take these next 7 days one day at a time. God will get you through it.
I hope Ana has a great time with her children.
And GREAT bargain shopping... you always do find the best deals, dont you...
Love, Lizzie

Elizabeth said...

Sorry for spelling you name wrong... Goossen (my fingers just arent typing right this morning)