Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Start with a bang!

Well- my sister Elizabeth inspired me to start a blog so that I can keep people informed on what is going on in Paul and my life!

This is going to be fun- or at least I think it will.

Today has been a great day so far. I gave all of my employees a jar of zuchini relish since my mother is making me more. She is out for 2 weeks so we always make good things while she is here. We went to Gilcrease Orchard over the weekend and got lots of veggies and fruit! So we are canning and cooking like crazy... Actually mom is- I encourage and help a little but she is the guru when it comes to cooking. I guess she learned that from Grandma Knepper.

I will take a picture of the zuchini that we picked so you can see the size of them. They are huge. Paul weighed a few and they range from 3 lbs to 6 lbs.

I put a picture of mom on my blog because I Love her and want everyone to see what a lovely mother I have!


Elizabeth said...

Great... I am glad you started your own blog... this will be fun...
That picture of Mom is from when we went to that resort in Mexico...isn't it? Talk about fun times.
Can't wait to see and hear more about what is going on with you in Vegas.
Love, Lizzie

Kathy said...

Yeah- lovely picture ugh?
Well- I will do my dest to get a message every day!

rita said...

I like all the photos you include!
Your mom is amazing! How can she cook so much, clean and read a book a day?!!!