Thursday, August 14, 2008

Drunk People are NO fun!

What a day! I had 2 girls out from work and things really got crazy!
A customer came in to see our benefits producer and she fell off of her chair and hit her head on the table. Then one of my crazy customers calls in around 3:00 and yells her head off stating that she hates Roger (our benefits producer) that she no longer wants to do business with him. She was very drunk on the phone so I could tell that the reason she was acting this way was not because of Roger but because of her drunkeness. She calls every once in a while and gets really upset for no reason then she forgets about it the next day!
Mom stayed home to cook and I am anxious to see what she has ready for us! Selfish ugh?
Well gotta go and clean my desk off!


Elizabeth said...

never a dull moment for you... so what did Mom cook and how much canning did she get done?

Kathy said...

she finished canning the zuchinni and then she made dinner and cookies and a cake and she cleaned.... and the list goes on and on.... She never stops. This weekend we are going to a Super Summer Theatre-which is outside and we are having a picnic. There are 14 of us going to be there! We are excited to go!

Elizabeth said...

Mom was telling me that she was going to make 60 empanadas and you were going to do a work think and watch a movie... what movie was it? I would love to eat an empanada right now... my mouth is watering just thinking about it...
Love, Lizzie