Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On the Road again!!!

It amazes me how God always opens the door for us to travel and visit family. I am very thankful for God's provision with good jobs that enable us to visit with those we love. Above you will see the picture of the Aldo Hoyt Clan infront of the IHOP. We had a wonderful time- when I say we I mean Paul and myself. I won't speak for the rest... Let them say if they enjoyed it or not! My biggest surprise was seeing Ana pregnat! It was a little depressing to me since it showed me how disconnected we truly are as a family, I did not even know that my cousin is 9 months pregnant! She looked wonderful as the rest of the family did as well! Too bad the visit was short- I would have enjoyed getting to know the new members of the family more- but I wont complain! GOD IS GOOD for giving us almost 2 hours to visit! I hated to cut the trip short but we need to get on the road to Kansas which is good we did because I totally forgot that we crossed another time zone and lost an hour. Paul's Aunt Linda was expecting us a bit earlier than when we actually arrived!

Kansas is- How can I best descrive it? Maybe this picture will help! Flat- But peaceful. Being in Colby showed me how much I am truly a CITY girl! The small town life is just not me! Thankful once again for where GOD has put Paul and me. Paul took me around to show me where he spent one year of his life! He took me to the house he lived in for that year and the school he attended while in the USA. We then went to visit Grandma Hulda Goossen at the nursing home with Mom and Dad Goossen. This was better than I expected but still sad in many ways! Grandma looks so frail! Of course she does not remember Paul or me- Of course I did not expect her to remember me since I am newer to the family but she did not remember Paul. I felt bad for him- but then I thought- Grandpa Hoyt really did not remember me either- and I was okay with that since I understand that it is not really his fault- so with Grandma Hulda it is not really her fault- She is 87 years old and has had a rough life!
Sunday was the Goossen reunion and lots of the family came! Here is the core family! Grandma looks happy to be with her kids- And the kids look happy as well!

The other picture is grandchildren- Not all of them were able to make it-
Last but not least my 2 most favorite pictures of the trip! One is because it is my "man" and the other is because it is a great family picture!



Linda Goossen said...

Wow! You got your pictures posted really fast!

I think you could become a 'small-town' girl! I was born and raised in Denver, and I wouldn't trade Mingo for a big city!

We sure enjoyed having you here.

The reunion was fun, wasn't it!

Kathy said...

you are right! I probably could become a small town girl.... in time. But for now I will enjoy the BIG CITY.

Elizabeth said...

That is a GREAT picture of Paul in the firled of sunflowers...I didnt know Ana was pregnant either... I am hopinh one day Mike's company sends him out to Denver and I can come along and we can visit with Uncle Aldo and his family. I hear Denver is beautiful... as for Kansas...well I am not sure... dont think I have ever been there.
Glad you got a chance to see the Goossen side of the family again. I am sure it meant alot to Paul.

Love, Lizzie

rita said...

Great photos! Wonderful family times! Thanks for sharing. Grandma is into reading the family blogs now, so I will list yours under favorites for her.

Kathy said...

Thanks Aunt Rita.... This is getting addicting I must say!