Monday, October 27, 2008

Marriage Can Be Murder

Saturday night was our monthly Girls Night out! This time we went to a Dinner mystery show. WHAT fun! The title was " Marriage Can Be Murder"

Myra Reeser was chosen to play as the doctor to pronounce the people "dead" when the victoms died. She did really well and was a good sport through it all.

Since Mom and Lizzie were visiting me they got to go as well to the show. I believe they enjoyed themselves!

Here is Jeannette with Elizabeth. They were a hoot. They seemed to really get involved asking questions of all the suspects.

Ana and Tanya were quiet- They seemed to have fun but they were more reserved. Ana did not even want to admit that she was married for fear of being chosen to do something.

Here we are as a clan. I am so glad that we all get along as a group and enjoy doing things together. God has blessed me with wonderful co-workers.


rita said...

You are an amazing boss!
Wish you were mine.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for taking us Kathy... I had fun with everyone!