Sunday, November 23, 2008


I am so thankful for Church. The outline of church today was:
1. Do not live your life in Fear
2. Live your life on Faith
3. Have a healthy Fear of God
4. Remember that the world does not revolve around me!
The scripture that was used was Mark 4:35-41. This passage is when the disciples and Jesus were going to by boat and a storm got started and the disciples had fear and NO Faith- The disciples had Jesus in the boat with them and they still had fear.
How often we loose sight of who is in control and how often we lack faith. We should not live our life in fear of the storms of life- we should live our lives in Faith with a Healthy Fear of God.
How important this was for me to remember- Since I don't always see the whole picture I start to ask God why, or are you sure God? When what I should be doing is saying Okay Lord I will have Faith and trust that you have the best for me.
Thank you God for Sundays- your day of Worship and for what we have learned today at your house.

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Mike and Elizabeth Williams said...

Kathy ~

Ever since Elizabeth and I have been members of Grace Bible Family Fellowship in Cumming, Ga - I have said this is my "happy place". I enjoy gathering and worshipping with my Brothers and Sisters in Christ.