Saturday, November 22, 2008


Today we went to visit a friend of ours whose dog "Piva" just had puppies. Paul and I really enjoyed holding the puppies and playing with them.

Then we went to Gilcrease Orchid to do some picking and we sure had a blast finding veggies!
We got over 20 eggplants, about 100 tomatoes, about 15 green peppers, 1 pumpkin, 1 squash, 9 zucchinis, 5 okras, 10 banana peppers and one dozen eggs for $25! What a bargain! We had a blast together picking and EXCELLENT fellowship.
Thank you God for NATURE!


Mike and Elizabeth Williams said...

Paul and Kathy~

Wow! that's a great deal on produce. A few weeks ago, we visited Burt's Pumpkin farm near Ellijay, and picked up an assortment of squash for another great deal.

Did you bring a puppy home?


Kathy said...

No puppies for us. I am not ready ready to take home any animals right now....