Thursday, December 11, 2008

Early Christmas

I know....I know.... I should have never done Christmas so early- Let me start at the beginning!
I gave my staff their Christmas gifts yesterday- you may wonder why... and I will explain-
First and probably foremost- I could not wait anymore I was so excited to see how the girls reacted to their gift! (the guys got a gift as well but their gift was more boring!)
Second, next week is secret Santa week at the office and everyday we will be opening a gift so I wanted my gift to be the only one that is opened- that is when it is opened.
Third, the few days before Christmas are always sparse around the office- Usually people take some time off right before Christmas.

The gifts went really well overall. Elizabeth H. and Jenna S. were jumping up and down with excitement. Eydie, Melissa and Tanya were more subdued (but happy with their gifts I think!)
It is so much fun to GIVE- As most of you know I am all about GIVING! It warms my heart to bless someone.

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rita said...

Looks like your collection of purses is for sharing!