Wednesday, December 10, 2008


10 years ago we gave our families the surprise of a lifetime! Paul and I eloped! June 15, 1998!

9 years ago we became first time home owners- what an overwhelming experience!

8 years ago we made our first trip to Las Vegas.... to see if we would like it- I guess we liked it!

7 years ago I got my insurance license changing my career life forever- not sure I could ever go back to working with kids- I don't have the patience I had once! It must be a sign of getting old!

6 years ago we moved into our first house in Las Vegas- and what a great house- I still miss that ONE story house!

5 years ago we met an awesome couple from Argentina- this has been a great encouragement for us since we thirst for fellowship with fellow believers- the fact that they are Argentine is a bonus!

4 years ago we had our last miscarriage- The emotional wounds are not as deep as they once were and it gets easier and easier to accept the path God has for us. I can actually hold a baby without getting all emotional! Thank you GOD for giving me the strength yesterday to hold little 2 week old Olivia Marie- Held her for about 30 minutes without a tear shed!

3 years ago our "Tango" got very sick and we had to put him down- not a fun task- also got house broken into which was the final straw of mishaps in that neighborhood- Paul and I moved to a better neighborhood into our 3 story house!

2 years ago I got to meet Paul's extended family for the first time. We met with the Goossen's and the Wallace's- such a neat experience....He has a wonderful family that I am blessed to be part of!

1 year ago we had 4 boys living with us- (foster care) which taught us many lessons. While we had them for only 3 months we learned a lot from that experience.

Today- we have so much to be thankful for- we both have good jobs, a roof over our heads and our health- which not everyone can say- God has been VERY good to us- even in the rough times I have to remind myself to say THANK YOU GOD for being with us through it- because without HIM I know I would not have survived the journeys of my life!


Elizabeth said...

Wow... Gos has been good hasnt He...
I would love to do something like this on my blog but not sure if I can remember. Maybe Mike can help me... he remembers everything.
Love Ya!

Lhoyt said...

What an uplifting list! I have been convicted lately of my need to look more on the bright side of things, and your list challenged me once again!