Friday, December 5, 2008

Fun Friday!

HOORAY it is Friday! I am very excited that it is Friday! It has been a challenging week. Between work and getting sick- I am spent. I am 99% better! I leave 1% because I have still not tried to eat any high acidic foods for fear of what my stomach will do. We got the office decorated for Christmas and it has really put me in the Christmas spirit. I even put the girls gifts under the tree since they are already wrapped. The men's gifts I cannot put under the tree because I am not wrapping those- It was funny to see the reaction of some of the girls when they saw they had a gift. They got all excited... I cannot wait to see their reaction when they open the gift.
I decorated the bulletin board and put the potluck sign up for this month. Roger has signed up for homemade rolls again and we are all Thankful! They were so YUMMY that I had to swipe the recipe. I want to try it tomorrow - We will see. I am using cake yeast so I hope that they come out as yummy as his did!
Last night I had book club and this month we meet at this quaint little bookstore- that is called Cheesecake mystery. It is a small bookstore with a coffee shop area and they sell cheesecake. We truly enjoyed meeting. It is nice to have a little girl time out! When I got home Paul was Rocking and Rolling with this Guitar Hero- the one he got for his birthday. It was such a sight to walk into! It was all I could do not to laugh at him- He was so serious and into it that I had to keep a straight face (until I got up to the bedroom)
Well- gotta run... enough break from work... gotta get back to my pile that never ends!


Mike and Elizabeth Williams said...


Glad that you're feeling better. Sounds like you have a great bunch of co-workers. Did Paul have on his 1980's wig, tie-dyed shirt, etc.?


Elizabeth said...

Maybe you can video tape Paul sometime :-)

rita said...

You are a fun and generous boss. Wish you were mine.