Monday, December 8, 2008

Taco Salad

Today I decided to make the famous Taco Salad for the crew. They get all excited when I tell them that I am making Taco Salad. Since Paul does not really like it I usually make it for work.
Here is the recipe. (Really easy and fairly Cheap)

Taco Salad:

1 head of iceberg lettuce ($1.00)
3 tomatoes ($.99)
1 onion ($.20)
1 can of black olives ($.99)
1 bag of blended cheese (I use Mexican shredded cheese) ($2.00)
1 lb of ground beef ($1.39)
1 taco bell taco seasoning mix($.99)
1 bottle of Wishbone thousand island ($2.59)
1 bag of Doritos ($2.29)

4-6 servings (depending on the size of the iceberg lettuce I usually look for really heavy ones to make it a bigger salad)

Total cost of meal $12.44 (This is without any sales if you are a thrifty shopper you can make it even cheaper)

Brown meat and add seasoning (follow directions on the seasoning)
While the meat is cooling cut up lettuce, tomatoes, onions, black olives and mix them together.
Combine all ingredients except for the Doritos.
Once all ingredients are mixed well take half of the bag of Doritos and mix into the mixture. (you will want to wait until right before serving so that the chips do not get soggy)
Once chips are mixed in then add the remainder of chips to the top of the salad and serve immediately.

Hint- I usually mixed with my hands (washed of course) this is the best way to make sure everything gets coated with the salad dressing.
Also, It is important to use the actual products that I mentioned (which can all be found at any Wal-mart) I have tried the generic products and the flavor is NOT the same. Some people have put beans in the salad- I usually do not since I am not a big bean fan but it would make it a heartier meal.

This recipe is a crowd pleaser. Every time I make it I use 5 lbs of ground beef and 5 heads of lettuce (for 13-15 people) and I NEVER have leftovers.


Elizabeth said...

oh yes... the famous taco salad... everyone at church loves this salad too...
I don't normally add any tomatoes to it since Mike doesn't like them but I sometimes add corn and black beans. I guess if you liked it spicy you could also add some jalapenos. I don't normally do that though.

Linda Goossen said...

Sounds Yummy!

Kathy said...

Aunt Linda- It is Yummy and everyone loves it! You should try it!

Linda Goossen said...

I will try it someday, maybe for pot luck some month. My chicken enchilada's go over very well, but taco salad might be a good change!