Friday, December 19, 2008

Picture Tag Game

I have been Tagged by Tesa Goossen to play the picture tag game. What fun!

The rules of the Picture Tag game:

1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures.
2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same.

So here is my 4th folder 4th picture! It is a picture of an all inclusive resort in Playa del Carmen where I went for a mini vacation with my mom and my sister.

We had a blast together Relaxing. I have fun memories of this trip- Let me explain- First of all I flew from Las Vegas into Cancun Mexico. My mom and sister flew from Atlanta. I made the reservations keeping in mind that I had already been there and knew the airport so I chose my flight to be there a few hours before my mom's and sisters. This way I could greet them and go from there. Well, you know not everything goes according to plan! There was a storm in Cancun when I was supposed to land so the airplane kept circling the airport waiting for the visibility to be better for landing. Then too much time passed so the gas was running low. They made an emergency landing in Cozumel (the closest airport) to fuel up again. Well- this would be fine and dandy under normal circumstances- but I had a mom and sister that would be arriving in Cancun and looking for me! I then heard that another plane had landed in Cozumel until the stormed passed in Cancun- It was an American Airlines plane (I felt relief all of a sudden since they were on an American airlines flight and lets be honest how many American Airlines flights go to Cancun?) So we sat on the tarmac at the Cozumel airport waiting for it to open (YEAH the airport was CLOSED for the night) Finally about 1 hour later the fuel truck arrives- meanwhile I am not worried at all- since my mom and sister are on the plane right next to mine on the tarmac!
Well- Finally I get to Cancun- go get my luggage and stand and wait. and wait... and wait.... and then it hits me that maybe I should ask about the American airlines flight- I go to ask and to my Great surprise find out that our flight was the LAST one in for the day- HORROR- now what do I do? Then common sense kicks in and I ask when the American airlines flight from Atlanta arrived? Oh yeah- you probably see this coming- they have been in for hours!!!!! OH NO- Then a nice man says "are you looking for 2 other women?" Could it be real? Could he actually mean the same women I was talking about? Hope flickered through my veins! He then told me to proceed through Customs and that they would be out there waiting. I followed his directions and PRAISE the LORD they were out there waiting- of course they were WORRIED as ever- since I was supposed to be at the airport HOURS before them- My poor mom thought that maybe something had happened to me and that maybe I was in a ditch dead somewhere! We laughed, I think more out of relief than anything else! This made for a wonderful memory and the start of a wonderful mini vacation!

The moral of this story is.... If you ever want a fun filled vacation- make sure you go with Kathy- something ALWAYS happens on a trip with Kathy! Hey, they make for good memories!
Okay- now I am going to tag Lizzie, Aunt Kim, Aunt Rita and Aunt Sharon- Let's see what they come up with!


Elizabeth said...

That was an awesome trip...although it was a rough beginning, I think it helped up get to relaxing much faster (once we were all together of course)

Sharon said...

Kathy, I responded to your tag. In other news, I was looking at my sister's connections on facebook and discovered that your husband Paul knows our child-hood friend Albert Moran.
Small world.

Kathy said...

Very small world! I just looked at your picture tag... What a beautiful earing! Love it! And also amazed that maybe the person that wore the earing knew Jesus... That is the most AMAZING to me!

Tesa said...

Great job, Kathy! What a great memory of your trip- a great story to tell!
Thanks for playing- that was fun!

rita said...

So, when is your next trip? I wouldn't mind a fun n' trouble filled vacation w/ Kathy!