Sunday, December 21, 2008


WHAT A WEEKEND. Paul and I went over to our Argentine friends for Dinner on Saturday night. They gave us the surprise of a lifetime! The handed us our Christmas gift. It is a little Bishon Frees dog. She is 8 weeks old and just a doll. I am not sure what possessed them to give us this gift... But we did not want to offend them by rejecting the gift either! We took her home... Not sure what to do- We LOVE dogs and this little one especially reminded me of Tango. She is so sweet and calm. Last night was AWFUL. She cried all night until I finally picked her up and held her for a while. This is the first time she is away from her mom and dad so I am sure it is very hard on her. This morning we prayed and talked it over and we drastically needed to talk to our friends and explain to them WHY we cannot keep the dog. (we did not name her because we do not want to get more attached) Paul and I have a special schedule that would not be conducive for a puppy. We leave for work at 5:15 every morning. We get home between 6:00 and 6:30 every night. This is not fair to a dog- Therefore we made the hardest decision of our lives- because whether we want to admit it or not... we are getting attached to her. We called our friends... explained the situation to them- Much to our surprise they agreed to what we had to say. I told them that I have a few people at work I can ask if they want her- and they agreed to that... But if we can't find someone they would take her back. Paul and I are a little sad but we know that this is the best for her-
Tomorrow we will be either giving her away to someone or returning her to our friends.
And so our life continues... without a dog!


Mike and Elizabeth Williams said...

Paul and Kathy~

I know how devasting that must be. But, know that you are doing what is in the best interest of the puppy. I am sure a co-worker would love to scoop up this puppy as a Christmas gift for a child.


Lhoyt said...

Paul and Kathy:
Sounds like a bad case of "mixed feelings". I commend you for taking the logical approach to it rather than the emotional.

I enjoy your entries each day.

Love you both,

Kathy said...

We will see if someone from work wants her. It was a hard decision but the reality of it all that she would be so lonely... That is not fair. I was trying to remember how we did it with Tango... But then again back then we did not have the crazy life we have now!
She is sitting in my office in a box sleeping since she did not sleep at all last night!

Elizabeth said...

Well I am glad you are giving her away because I know your crazy schedule and you dont need anything more added to it!

Kathy said...

I know it is the right thing to do.. but it is a hard thing to do... Makes me kind of sad that I have made my life so busy that I don't have time to relax and enjoy a pet!
I need to be a farmer... maybe I shoud do the stay home like you!!!!
(I wonder what Paul would feel of that! Actually I probably would go batty doing that!)