Saturday, January 17, 2009

#14 God is GOOD

Today we were blessed. We went to our Argentine friends house for some fellowship. On the way there we stopped at Honey Baked Ham- to get things for dinner since I was given a gift certificate to use there! We got a ham and also we got some side items.
Once we got there Gabby and I got dinner together and then she took me to the garage where she told me to take whatever I needed. Once a month they have donations given to them to share with their church members- This month they got lots of toys and such. They even told me to take toys for kids of friends.
These are the items we were blessed with this month.
- toothpaste
- toothbrushes
- paper towels
- toilet paper
- laundry detergent
- bounce sheets
- pantie liners
- tampons
- maxi pads
- diapers (for a co-workers Brandon)
- diaper rash ointment (for co-worker)
- bottles
- lipstick
- chapstick
- candles
- blankets
- floss
- toilet bowl cleaner
- body lotions
- shavers
- band aids
- Mr. Clean Eraser
- starch
- napkins
- Play kitchen set
- play table and chair set Tinker bell one
- play shopping basket with goodies in it
- Cars blow up chair
- Cars sleeping bag
- Tinker bell night light
- Cinderella travel set (with sleeping bad, night light, flashlight and pillow)
- Make up set for kids
- so many more things I cannot remember!

While we ate dinner they told us of the possibility of getting food donations as well. Their only concern is that they will need to distribute the food the same day that they receive it and that is where it gets tricky. They were talking to another church pastor regarding the food donations and he told them that it gets hard when you get food because it needs to be used quickly. They said that the last stuff they got that they had to dump gallons of milk because no one came to get it. WHAT A SHAME. I told them that if they do start doing the food donations that I will make sure that plenty of people show up to get the food so that it does not go to waste!
We had a wonderful time with them as always. I wish we lived closer- We would visit them more often... but we are about 45 minutes away!

God is good. THANK YOU GOD for your provisions.

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Elizabeth said...

Wow.. that is amazing... God IS good isn't He :-)