Tuesday, January 6, 2009

#3 Material Things

Here is my picture for today! As you can see these are purses. I am working on "issues" that I have with materialism. My conscience has been pricked and I felt that maybe this was God's way of saying that I need to put away my worldly ways.... you know owning purses that barely get used- and to top it off they are not cheap purses. So, I prayed about it and it was clear what must be done. Since I am going to be in a wedding in May and the cost of the whole trip will be costly I am using the proceeds of my sales to save for that trip. I was looking at the bridesmaid dress yesterday and just for the dress (no alterations or accessories) will be around $250 ugh... maybe I can make enough out of the sale of these purses to pay for the dress. I brought the purses with me to work since some of the girls were interested in looking at them. Then I think I will be posting them on eBay.
Paul and I also went through all the videos that we have and we have slimmed down quite a bit and will be posting them on eBay.

My sister did a scattergories game and I would like to participate- here goes:

What is your name? Kathryn

1. A 5 Letter Word: Kites

2. A Boys Name: Kenneth

3. A Girls Name: Kirsten

4. An Occupation: Kindergarten Teacher

5. A Color: Khaki

6. Something you wear: Knee Highs

7. A Beverage: Kool Aid

8. A Food: Kiwi

9. Something found in the bathroom: Kotex

10. A place: Kentucky

11. A Reason for being late: Kept hitting the snooze button

12. Something you shout: KEEP OUT!

If you want to participate please do... it is lots of fun!


Mike and Elizabeth Williams said...


Please let us know which DVDs you are getting rid of. And, is there a family discount?


Elizabeth said...

I think this is a very wise step you are taking Kathy! I am very proud of you!

Elizabeth said...

And btw- thanks for playing the Meme game...