Monday, January 5, 2009

#2- Dia de Los Reyes

This is our Christmas Tree- It will soon be coming down since Christmas is over. I like to keep the tree up until after "Dia de los Reyes" (3 kings day) This is celebrated in Argentina on January 6th. Usually the kids put out their shoes and a bottle of wine - then the 3 kings (the parents) take the wine and leave gifts in the shoes. Of course we are not celebrating this way.... We usually get each other a little gift for that day- this year we decided to not do this.... since Paul owns about 70 pairs of shoes this would be a GREAT holiday for him... But NOT THIS YEAR! However I still like to keep the tree up until after 3 kings day!

One day I will take a picture of all of Paul's shoes so you can see that I am not exaggerating!

Feliz Dia de Los Reyes! Happy Three Kings Day!


Sharon said...

Really want to see the shoes!
(Alan would say that I too have a "little problem" with shoes)

rita said...

Today I used a children's book about los reyes magos with one of my second graders. She loved it. No mention of the bottle of wine. However, the idea that the reyes come flying through the star-lit sky and leave gifts in the shoes placed on the window sills.
Surprisingly, my Hispanic estudiantitos know nothing of this and their families apparently do not celebrate this holiday.

Elizabeth said...

I know Paul's collection of shoes... I have seen them so I can confirm that you are not exagerating!
So is Paul getting rid of any of his shoes?