Thursday, January 15, 2009

It is never to late to post.....

I have been SO busy with work that I have been a little slack on posting on my blog. I wanted to post a little tonight while I was thinking of it. I will post some pictures tomorrow for the last few days. Yesterday was a rough day... We let go of 2 more employees- this just made things a little harder on me. My wonderful assistant Ana- moved over to work part of her day in the health department and the remainder of the day to help me. I will be able to have her help but just part time. Then I have been giving Jenna our receptionist more work to do- which has been a BIG help to me. I need to learn to rely more on others and not try to carry everything on my shoulders.
I really did not want to make this a complaining blog.... because believe it or not I am still very Thankful that I have a job. This Monday is a holiday and I plan on taking full advantage of that! I am going to be watching a friends girl since school is closed and she does not have off of work. I figured if I plan something then it will force me to not work!
Today I tried a the potato soup that Tesa Goossen posted on her blog and it was really good. I made enough to share with everyone at work and it was a great HIT.
Tomorrow is TACO potluck at the office. Everyone is bringing something for tacos!
Well, I hate to cut it short but work is calling me... yes I even bring it home with me- Hopefully things will get better soon so that we can hire help again- but until this economy gets better we will have to survive and be VERY Thankful that we are still employed.
Good night now my blogger friends!


Elizabeth said...

So who did you have to let go? The more that gets piled on the more the customers are going to suffer from getting good service so I hope this doesnt cause more harm than good because I know your company cant afford to lose any more customers.

Kathy said...

Roger and Vince were the ones that got left go. We are at the bare minimum now. Should Lou choose to let one more person go he should just consider selling or closing his doors.