Sunday, January 4, 2009

Project 365

After reading my sister, and my aunts blogs I have decided to join in with the Project 365. This is going to be fun! It will either show how boring or how complicated my life is!
Below is the picture for today. This weekend my wonderful husband surprised me on Friday and when he got home from work he said to pack some things that we were going somewhere. I packed with excitement and off we went. We were going to California to Universal Studios. Well- as most of you know life with Kathy and Paul does not always go as planned. We started off and when a normal trip takes 4 to 4 1/2 hours for us it took us 6 1/2 hours. Traffic was horrible and then to top it off there was an accident. Well- we got to Burbank California and went to bed exhausted! We woke up the next morning and we found out that is was supposed to rain all day. UGH- not good for a day at Universal Studios. So we opted out of that experience and instead we went to a quaint little shop (see picture below) called Empanada's Place. This place sells all kinds of empanadas- and that is it. It was a nice little place in Culver City. Then we drove around to find a Marshalls- and for those of you that know us- this store is our weakness. We had a wonderful relaxing weekend. THANK YOU PAUL for a wonderful weekend.


Elizabeth said...

We should open an Empanada Place... it would be so much fun!
I can't believe you went to Marshall's... you guys are too funny!
Glad you had a relaxing time... I know you needed it.
Love, Lizzie

Kathy said...

I know... I bet we can make some good money with a place like that!
Everytime I make empanadas at work everyone rants and raves....
We should think on this seriously!!!!
Looking forward to our upcoming trips!

rita said...

Now I'm craving an empanada!