Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Empanda day

Finally a break - no work with me tonight- what a nice little break. I just got off the phone with Paul. It is so hard to be away from each other. He is enjoying the snow of Denver. I am anxious for his return Thursday.

Last night after work I went to Fashion Bug since they were having a HUGE 70% off sale. I found some really comfortable shoes for $6.00. I also got my sister (who comes out to visit on Sunday :-) and needs some clothes while she is here) a neat pair of jeans. I got a sweater for $5.00 and a nice shirt for work for $2.23- Can you believe those deals....

Today I made lunch for the office.

This is where it all begins. I make the mixture for the empanadas. It is a combination of ground beef, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, green olives, onions, garlic and spices. Some Argentine people put raisins in their mixture but I can never get past the fact that it reminds me of cockroaches and besides that I really do not care for raisins.

Then I stuff the tapas- I don't make these from scratch... it is too complicated and it is just as cheap to buy them pre-done.

Then I baked them at 350 for 45 minutes and tada.... lunch is ready!

Of course I could not make JUST empanadas for lunch. We also had a veggie platter, chips and angel food cake with berries and cool whip.

Lunch was a success. I even managed to entice Lou to stay for lunch- he usually does not eat with us but this time he was more than happy to join us!

Last, this is the bulletin board in our lunch room. I try to do something every month- This month I put everyone's Valentines gift in a bag and then hung it up along with the potluck sign up. We are having a Pita Pot luck. Everyone is bringing something that could be used to fill a pita. I will be making chicken salad and a dessert. I believe I will be doing snicker salad. I have not made this salad (dessert) for the office so I think they may enjoy it.

I will have to post the pictures of the process in making the snickers salad.

Well- gotta close for today... my eyes are getting heavy and I want to get a good nights sleep since tomorrow will be a BIG day.... lots to do!

only 5 days until Lizzie comes to visit! I am starting to get anxious!


Tesa said...

That lunch looks so yummy! You always do such wonderful things to make the people in your office feel so special! Great job!

Elizabeth said...

I am getting excited about visiting...
I am actually making Empanada Bake tonight... you know the empanada beef mixture with corn bread baked on top...
BTW- those tomatoes on that veggie platter look so delicious!

Kathy said...

That empanada bake I call Fiesta Tomale Pie..... Paul and I really like it as well... But nothing beats having empanadas though. just 4 days left! I am getting so anxious to see you and just have time relaxing!

Kathy said...

I learned a few years ago that the best way to get productive employees is to appreciate them and to do little things to cheer them on! I work with a FABULOUS group of people- which makes for an incredible place to work at! I know how important the little things are!

Kim said...

Yum! We love empanadas! :-)
Yes, definitely share the snickers salad recipe. Sounds enticing!