Tuesday, February 3, 2009


It is amazing what sleep or lack of sleep does to a person. Monday was a rough day. Between work and just feeling BLAH- sometimes a good night sleep is all I need. I have been putting in many hours with carpooling with Paul- Basically my schedule consists of- Get up at 4:15 am. Leave the house at 5:15 get to work at 5:30 (yes I only live 15 minutes from work!) then work until 5:30 or so... then home to a quick dinner and back to work- at home- I bring stacks of work to do- Not that I am complaining- because I am not- I was just giving the background to my tired state! So, to make a long story short- I set myself up at the computer and started on the first file I brought home... My eyes started to get heavy and before I know it I am sleeping.
I was out by 8:00 pm. I slept through the whole night and did not get up until the alarm went off. I guess my body finally said ENOUGH. I am rested but OH so looking forward to getting myself in bed tonight.... just 8 more files to finish before I put retire to bed.
12 days until my sister comes to visit! I am so anxious to some time off with her! HOORAY!
Well, work is calling me.... gotta go... TATA for now.


Elizabeth said...

Any chance you guys could just get another car... something little...that gives good gas mileage...that would allow you some more time at home...anyway that is just my 2 cents... you need to take better care of yourself... I guess when I come out I will have to pamper you :-)

Lhoyt said...

Whatever happened to the motorcycle? Hope it gets well, so that you can each have a vehicle to commute in/on.


P.S. Watched a very important movie the other day. Fireproof will be a repeat, because I need to learn much from it.

rita said...

I feel it! Even now my eyelids droop and even close. I often fall asleep at the computer. But it is the 'fun' I have when I get home before tackling the piles.
Then, I tell myself, "Self, be grateful you have a job." Self: "Yes, but in Argentina women retire at age 60!"