Monday, March 23, 2009

No discouragement allowed!

This weekend was a good one! Paul and I had plans to go ice skating however were not able since his homework took a little longer than anticipated- I got to start a new book though while he did his homework. The book is called "A love to Last forever" by Tracie Peterson. I have most of it read- Really good book.
We had a very productive Sunday- First church and then we spent some quality time together since on Friday I leave for 10 days! Paul will be kept busy with school while I am gone but we still miss each other when we are not together!
Today I am making lunch for my staff. I am trying a new recipe. I am making Taco Meatball Ring. I will try a little portion (since I am counting my points) and then I will eat the salad that I packed for myself.
I weighed in yesterday and I have stayed level- no additional weight lost. I will not get discouraged though. My body is adjusting to the 13lbs it already gave up in 21 days so I will continue to count my points and NOT get discouraged.
I spoke to my mother in law and it is interesting how she made that some comment to me- God used her to remind me that I need not get discouraged when a week goes by without any weight loss.
The big thing is that I FEEL better. I sleep more soundly and I also noticed I do not get the indigestion I used to get before.
Look for the next post I make- I will be posting pictures of the Taco Meatball loaf and also posting the recipe.


Elizabeth said...

The good news is you didnt gain any weight.. that is always something positive to think about. Staying the same weight is still heading in the right direction for your goal.
I am so glad you are feeling better and I look forward to hearing more.
Love, Lizzie
PS Can't wait to see you on Friday

rita said...

Kathy, you are an inspiration to us who would like to lose a few pounds but just haven't come up with the same resolve.
I'm curious as to the WW guidelines...maybe I'll have to do a search online.